Locations for filming

Western Movie Scene

Choosing the right location is the first and most important step to a successful shoot. To some extent, location scouting seems a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack – it needs time and patience.

Whether you’re out looking for movie shooting locations or shoot locations for your next photography, you’ll need to use these tips to land a great location shoot for your next film project.

Time to go Digital

While it’s still necessary to have an official location scout especially for big budget productions, you can easily find great shoot locations virtually from online sites.

This approach is equally useful because you’ll be able to have a preliminary look before you go and see the area. You’ll undoubtedly be able to find what you’re looking for and gauge whether they’re up to your expectations.

A few online location tools to easily access from your computer include Locations Hub, Flickr Map Search, and Shot Hotspot.

Know your Script

Of course, this is the first rule of location scouting. You’re likely to face numerous possibilities while evaluating locations from natural areas, distinctive buildings and urban landscapes to waterfront settings just to name a few.

Above everything else, remember you have a story to tell therefore choose a location matching the story you’ll produce in your movie, your photo shoot or music video.

Get in touch with a Local Film Commission

If it’s a big production, chances are you already contacted your local film office for film permits. Film commissions are great places to contact when looking for a location shoot.

Most of their sites will advantageously have detailed maps and photos of some popular shoot locations within their area.

Go Scouting at the Right Time

Remember that a location can change therefore it’s wise to find a location shoot based on the time and day you’ll be filming. Factors such as tourists in historic sites, automobile traffic and noise may vary dramatically depending on the season, time and day of the week.

Take Audio Seriously

When visiting movie shooting locations or shoot locations for other projects like a music video, listen to the surrounding environment: talk and clap to find out if there are issues you’ll need to be concerned about. This is just a simple way of making sure your audio will be top notch.

Take Lots of Pictures

As a location scout, you’ll need to capture lots of pictures of the preferred location to share with producers, lighting directors and set designers. Further, take into consideration the lighting and how it’ll look like at the time of day you’ll be shooting.

Check for Power Supplies

Many outdoor locations may, unfortunately, be far from a power source. Regrettably, some indoor spots may pose the same challenge thus you’ll need to evaluate your power options while location scouting.

Where will you set up?

Ensure you have sufficient space to set up all your gear. Even when you have plenty of room in a large area, you may unfortunately realize you have no freedom to roam around.

Final Tip

Above everything else, take notes so that you have useful scouting reports at the end of the day to refer for shoot locations.

Digital Marketing in 2016


It is not a secret that the success of business in this century lies on how well it utilizes the digital marketing platform. Many people are going online to look for information and companies that provide the products or services they need before conducting a purchase. Businesses have adapted this online strategy and created websites and pages on social media. Is this really enough? The answer is no.

Having a website or pages on social media is not enough to get your business to the top. More has to be done to it and that is where SEO marketing companies like Green Genie SEO and it’s subsidiary pages Oshawa SEO Expert, Whitby SEO Expert and Toronto SEO Expert come in handy. (Check out their Oshawa SEO Youtube video at the bottom of this post for more info on their service.)

Oshawa SEO
Green Genie SEO main page

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used by Google for ranking of companies. This ranking of is majorly dependent on the web design, the content of the website among other things. SEO experts will help your company get top ranking by Google and seen on the first page or even the first position on Search Results Page. This means whenever a person looks for information related to products and services you offer, your business will be on the first page driving a lot of traffic to your page. Huge traffic to your page means an increase in sales as most of those people are likely going to make a purchase.

Search Engine Optimization will definitely boost your business and help it grow. It is important to note that it does not yield instant results. You should be patient as the results produced by utilization of SEO will thrive your business for a long time despite taking some time to show results. SEO keeps on changing, his means that your ranking will too. A good SEO company will help you keep your company at the top by observing the changes and making adjustments to always take you back to the top.

Choosing a company to do your SEO should be a careful process and some factors should be considered. A great Search Marketing company should:

Conduct an effective keyword research

People use different words to look for similar products and services. The SEO Company should help your website have the keywords people use so as to enable it to be visible whenever any searches happen.

On page SEO

This has to do with all that you do on your page to make it easy for indexing by Google and another search engine. This has to do with effective keyword and standard based code which makes search engines favor your page.

Off page SEO

Activities that occur on your page such as back links to your page are off page SEO. They are important as they aid Google and other search engines recognize your business as the expert in your niche.

On-going Split Testing

This is basically the consistent changes to your website to attract new people.

As seen above, an expert SEO marketing company like the Green Genie SEO or it’s little sister Oshawa SEO Expert should help you capitalize on these aspects to increase your rankings. Their facebook pages have some other helpful tips within the body of their news feed as well.

Web design including the use of keywords, correct content, title tags and URL must be effectively utilized to land your business on top in search results pages. With almost everyone using a smartphone in online searches, you should make sure that your website is mobile friendly. You can go ahead and have a mobile App which ensures quick and easy access to your company. The point of all this is to make sure that your website is viewed by many people hence effective marketing. Google has invented Google AMP which makes pages load faster. This should be embraced as the faster the speed, the more attractive a page is to the people, the more traffic and better quality traffic it will receive.

Digital marketing can make your business go places and it is highly recommended you try it if you have not.